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Patient Advisory Board

Our Patient Advisory Board (PAB) is made up of over 20 Michiganders with type 2 diabetes and their family members and caregivers.
The group meets on Zoom every other month for one hour, to discuss a given topic and connect with each other, to provide feedback on a collaborative initiative or resource, and to imagine solutions to difficult problems in type 2 diabetes care and management. The group is facilitated by Dr. Cornelius Jamison, MD, MSPH, MSc, a member of the MCT2D leadership team. Here are our upcoming meeting times:
Tues, January 17, 2023 4 to 5PM
Tues, March 21, 2023 4 to 5PM
Tues, May 16, 2023 4 to 5PM
Tues, July 18, 2023 4 to 5PM
Tues, September 19, 2023 4 to 5PM
Tues, November 21, 2023 4 to 5PM
If you would like to know more about joining the Patient Advisory Board, don’t hesitate to contact us at ccteam@mct2d.org.

Goals of the PAB

1) Give voice to individuals living with type 2 diabetes
2) Listen and learn from all of our members’ experiences
3) Use that knowledge to make more informed decisions in diabetes clinical care

Group Code of Conduct

As a member of the MCT2D, Patient Advisory Board I agree to the following:
1) The ‘golden’ rule: I will treat all Board Members with the same respect and courtesy that I expect in return.
2) Constructive not destructive: I will use my past experiences to inform my constructive feedback, rather than simply to vent or criticize.
3) Step up, step back: If I’ve asked a question or shared a comment, I will ensure that new voices are heard before I contribute again.
4) To listen and let others have their say: I will not butt in or attack another comment, even when I strongly disagree.
5) To be there: I will actively engage in the group conversation, willing to put myself out there when the time is right.
6) Confidentiality: I will treat the meetings as confidential and not repeat any of the conversations or topics discussed outside of the meetings.
7) Practice self-care: If I need to get up or take a break, I will do so.
8) Commit to participation: I will commit to at least one year of service on the advisory board.
9) Attend meetings: I will make every attempt to attend meetings during my term.
10) Raise concerns with the MCT2D team first: I will bring any questions or concerns regarding MCT2D or the Patient Advisory Board directly to the MCT2D coordinating team so that they can address them, prior to any public dissemination.

Recommended Resources

Patient Stories

We are grateful to all the individuals who have shared their stories of success and struggle with type 2 diabetes. If you’re interested in sharing yours, contact ccteam@mct2d.org.
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