Lower Carbohydrate Eating: A Free Starter Guide for Patients


Updated: 10/16/23

A point-of-care tool to print and share with patients who are curious about low carb. In simple language, this document compares lower versus higher carb meals and their impact on hunger, cravings, and blood sugar levels. It provides tips to get started with evaluating one’s diet and swapping higher carbohydrate foods with lower carb options. It also provides a visual guide to evaluating the carb content of one’s meal.
Developed by MCT2D dietitian, clinicians, and design team, this tool was evaluated and co-designed with our Patient Advisory Board in April/May 2022.
Patients: Please leave feedback about this tool (counts towards PO-Level VBR requirement)

Tags: For Patients, Point-of-care, Created By MCT2D, Handout

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