Learning Community: CGM Operationalization Panel Discussion

Updated: 10/06/23

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Presented September 1, 2022
We invited a live panel of MCT2D members with expertise in implementing continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) in their primary care practices.
The panel discussed the following topics:
  • Identifying patients who may be right for a CGM.
  • Workflows associated with receiving CGM data from patients.
  • Workflows associated with how CGM data is uploaded to the EMR/reviewed prior to, or during patient appointments.
  • Roles in the office related to CGM prescribing (e.g. introducing a CGM to patients, providing education, uploading the data to the EMG, reviewing the data, etc.).
  • Strategies for integrating CGM prescribing into a practice.
  • Navigating insurance coverage for patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

Panelists included

  • Nadia Aneese, PharmD- Huron Valley Physicians Association
  • Juan Reyes, PharmD- Olympia
  • Jessica Prociv, PharmD- Bronson
  • Susan Nason, Ambulatory Care Manager- Bronson
  • Shirley Cardinal, RN Case Manager - Primary Care Partners
  • Mary Wilson, FNP- Metro Health
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