We are so thrilled to be in partnership with all of you and excited to share the incredible work of our quality collaborative this year. Together, the Michigan Collaborative for Type 2 Diabetes, we are committed to shifting the paradigm of type 2 diabetes care through collaborative quality improvement. 

To our over 330 primary care, endocrinology, and nephrology practice partners, we thank you.  It has been your thoughtful inquiry and engagement at our online learning events, regional and collaborative wide meetings, and support sessions, as well as the insights from our live learning events and panel discussions, that have made 2022 a year of growth and achievement.

Your strides to adopt, adapt, and integrate our 28 new and updated patient and provider tools and your shared commitment to patient care have helped to make the collaborative great and keep the patient as the focus of our objectives as we grow. Along the journey, our patient data dashboard has been enhanced and expanded to better support our practices.

If this year was a hike together, this report is the landscape we gaze out on, to share what we’ve scaled together:

  • Launched the Healthy Eating JUMPSTART Program: Our deep dive into lower carb grocery delivery support for patients with type 2 diabetes, in partnership with Shipt.com and two population health quality initiative partners.
  • Expanded access to CGMs through collective advocacy and partnership with payers.
  • Activated patient leadership through our Patient Advisory Board.

We hope you will take a moment to catch your breath and witness these achievements and so much more.

Lauren Oshman, MD, MPH,

Program Director

Heidi L. Diez, PharmD, BCACP

Program Co-Director

MCT2D's Initiatives

Prescribing of GLP1 Receptor Agonists & SGLT2 inhibitors

Supporting Low Carbohydrate Eating Patterns

Expanding use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

JAN '21

MCT2D begins program planning and hiring coordinating center staff.

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310primary care practices
Added 79 practices in 2022
21endocrinology practices
Added 6 practices in 2022
15nephrology practices
Added 6 practices in 2022
of all physician organizations in Michigan
data as of 12/31/22

“This CQI has not only provided evidence and resources to promote Diabetes Care; each participant in this CQI has learned from each other and are able to support our practices and patients in a way that we may not have been able to do at this level.”

Tiffini Jones, RN, BSN, CDE

Nurse Care Manager for GMP Network, Diabetes Educator, and PO Lead for the MCT2D Program

“As a Nurse Care Manager for GMP Network, Diabetes Educator, and PO Lead for the MCT2D Program I can not say enough about this Collaborative. The support that the MCT2D team provides our PO, practices, and patients is very refreshing. This CQI has not only provided evidence and resources to promote Diabetes Care; each participant in this CQI has learned from each other and are able to support our practices and patients in a way that we may not have been able to do at this level. The MCT2D resources, education and specific goals have provided consistency in our care for patients with diabetes and removed many barriers that much of our providers and educators have experienced for a long time. Through this CQI we have been able to provide our patients with easy-to-understand resources on carbohydrate counting, servings sizes, what to ask their insurance regarding coverage of CGM and recommended medications, and many other resources. The dashboard has been extremely useful in sorting through patients with specific criteria and allowed our practices to focus on measures as needed. The MCT2D group has been very helpful with the dashboard and continues to request feed back from users in a way that we have not seen in a very long time.

We look forward to the continued growth of this CQI while reversing and preventing complications of Type II Diabetes in Michigan.“

MCT2D materials on display at a regional meeting

Created 28 Point-of-Care Tools and Resources

MCT2D’s team of experts worked collaboratively with our PO, practice, physician, and patient partners to create a robust set of point-of-care tools. Check out our most popular new tools in 2022!


Medications and CGM Coverage: 2022 Quick Reference Guide


Daily and Weekly Food Log Tracker with Carb Cheatsheet


Lower Carbohydrate Eating: A Free Starter Guide for Patients


Anti-Obesity Medication Coverage 2022 Quick Guide


Patient Assistance Program (PAP) Guide for Patients with Medicare Part D

Medications and CGM Coverage by Payer in Michigan 2022 Quick Reference Guide5712 downloads

Member Review: This is very helpful for quick determination of coverage in this area. These meds are requested and used daily and it saves a lot of time in the office and after the patient goes to the pharmacy.

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Tools Created And Updated In 2022

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attendees at live Learning Community Events


MCT2D members served as expert panelists


live Learning Community events in 2022 on different critical topics

Graphic created for the "Clinical Application of 2022 Updated T2D Guidelines from the ADA, EASD, and the AACE" event

Graphic created for the "Clinical Application of 2022 Updated T2D Guidelines from the ADA, EASD, and the AACE" event

Live Learning Community Events

In 2022, MCT2D hosted 4 live Learning Community events on different critical topics. Each event featured speakers and panelists who are members of the collaborative, providing an opportunity for peer-to-peer education and networking.

2022 Events

Clinical Application of 2022 Updated T2D Guidelines from the ADA, EASD, and the AACE (November 2, 2022)

CGM Operationalization Panel Discussion (September 1, 2022)

Prior Authorization Expert Panel (July 18, 2022)

Update on Anti-Obesity Medications (May 17, 2022)

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Collaborative Wide Meeting

MCT2D held our first collaborative wide meeting, welcoming members to a full-day networking and discussion event, in Plymouth, Michigan on Friday, June 24, 2022.  Over 80 physician organization and practice unit representatives as well as members of our Patient Advisory Board joined our day’s proceedings. Sessions were recorded and are available in a YouTube video playlist.


physician organization and practice unit representatives


physician organizations presented lessons learned from their participation as accelerated sites

David Ludwig
Keynote speaker

Dr. David Ludwig, MD, PhD

Pediatric Endocrinologist, Boston Children's Hospital, Professor of Pediatrics and researcher at Harvard Medical School, and author of the book "Always Hungry.” His lecture “Carbohydrate-Insulin Model: A physiological perspective on the obesity pandemic”  is available.

Spring and Fall Regional Meetings

The MCT2D team travels around the state 2 times each year to meet with clinical champions from each of our 7 regions! At these meetings, we share new tools and resources, provide updates about the collaborative, and featured speakers share cutting edge best practices.

Average for Fall 2022 meetings


Average for Spring 2022 meetings


Click a region to learn more about it

Badger Region

Featured Speaker

Spring = Michael Heung, MD

Fall = Anita Repp, MD

Number of Attendees

Spring = 45

Fall = 43

Total = 88

“Good, in depth, presentations, informative printed materials”

In partnership withShipt
$240 in credits, 3 months, free delivery, support and education

Special Project:

Healthy Eating JUMPSTART

In 2022, MCT2D partnered with health equity CQIs HBOM and MSHIELD, and the food delivery company Shipt to offer the JUMPSTART program to 150 patients with type 2 diabetes and low income.  The program provides a Shipt.com grocery shopping credit of $80 per month, allowing eligible individuals to shop online for lower carb groceries and receive their healthy foods delivered to their home for free.

Along with groceries, patients are given access to robust education and support for lower carb eating, including handouts, tips, recipes, meal plans, and more.

Visit the Website




Practices had access to support from the MCT2D dietician

Patients received 12 weeks of robust low carb education

10+ new low carb tools created including meal plans

jumpstart.mct2d home page
screenshot of a recipe page

The JUMPSTART Program was...

Highlighted at the White House Conference for Hunger, Nutrition and Health.

Shipt CEO Kamau Witherspoon shared the next phase of their company’s public-private partnership to address food insecurity: The Healthy Eating Jumpstart Program.

Discussed by Michigan U.S. Congresswoman Debbie Dingell

In a round table with HBOM Program Director Dr. Tammy Chang as an innovative partnership with Shipt.com to improve the health of those most in need.

Project Enhanced:
MCT2D Patient Data Dashboard

The MCT2D Patient Data Dashboard allows clinicians to filter and identify patients who could benefit from improvements to their type 2 diabetes care.

In 2022, our participants used the dashboard to find good candidates for new medications and continuous glucose monitoring, compare their practice's prescribing rates and diabetes metrics to the collaborative as a whole, and more! The dashboard currently aggregates Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) PPO and Medical Advantage claims, and MCT2D is actively adding new data sources as the collaborative grows.

gif of MCT2D data dashboard

*for demo purposes and does not contain real patient names and data

“What I really like about this system: A medical assistant could go through this, find these patients who are good candidates for a CGM and then send a note to each of their PCPs to let them know that this might be helpful or to set up an appt to discuss.”

-MCT2D Clinical Champion

In partnership withMichigan Data Collaborative

Wins in 2022


MCT2D collaborated with health plans to increase access to CGMs!

As of August 1, 2022, patients with Blue Cross Complete and the BCBSM-managed Medicaid plan have more relaxed criteria for CGM coverage.

Commercial United Healthcare plans have removed prior authorization for CGMs for MCT2D Participating Providers.

This is the power of the Collaborative—thank you to all our members who continue to voice their coverage and prior authorization experiences and needs! Read more about the new criteria


2022 American Diabetes Association (ADA)

MCT2D Pharmacist Lead and Current Co-Director Heidi Diez, PharmD presented at the 82nd Scientific Sessions held June 3-7th, 2022.

ADA Poster

Learning Health Sciences (LHS) Collaboratory and Obesity Summit

The MCT2D team shared a poster about the collaborative’s mission and accomplishments.

LHS Poster

Kidney Week

MCT2D Nephrologist Dr. Mike Heung presented a poster about our practices’ perceived barriers to medication prescribing.

Kidney Week Poster

Learned about MCT2D's work at presentations and poster sessions

Noa Kim, Jacob Reiss, Jacqueline Rau, and Larrea Young presenting at a meeting
Patient Leadership:
Updates from the Patient Advisory Board

In 2022, we mobilized our first Patient Advisory Board. This coalition of 20 patients and caregivers from across the state have been valued contributors to our first years of operation and strategic development as a statewide collaborative quality initiative.

Our Patient Advisory Board met six times in its first year, in bi-monthly online discussions. Together, the Board reviewed MCT2D emerging programs and strategy, point-of-care tools—including the Healthy Eating Jumpstart patient learning portal— and dived deeper into special topics in type 2 diabetes management and health care policy.

Input from the PAB has played an instrumental role in all that we’ve accomplished in 2022.

Suzanne, a Patient Advisor, co-created a blog post with MCT2D co-director Heidi Diez, PharmD, on drug affordability and navigating copay assistance programs. Suzanne represented board members at our June 2022 All-Collaborative Meeting (pictured right with Dr. Diez). She also shared her recipe for lower carb ratatouille, which was published and distributed as part of the Jumpstart program low carb curriculum.


Patient Advisors


PAB Meetings Per Year

Feedback from patients collected during PAB meetings

Meet Shalley: An advocate for affordable meds

Shalley shared the real-life ups and downs of finding the right medications for her diabetes and the challenges that come when insurance coverage changes. Shalley’s story was featured at our Spring 2022 regional meetings.

Meet Liisa: Grateful for the support of her family and MCT2D physician member

Liisa worked with physician member Dr. Elizabeth Albright, DO, of the MCT2D Blue Gill Region, to start taking her diabetes seriously and get on track. With the added support of her family, Liisa made incredible changes to her lifestyle in 2022, which she shares in a three part video series. Liisa’s story was featured at our Fall 2022 regional meetings.

Meet Dick: A diabetes community organizer

Dick joined the PAB in 2022, where he also brings leadership experience as the organizer of a virtual, international diabetes support group. Dick represented the PAB at our Fall 2022 regional meeting in Kalamazoo and made significant contributions to a blog post on navigating the holidays with Type 2. He is currently training to be a certified Diabetes Educator.

Looking towards the future

What's on the horizon for MCT2D in 2023

Performance: Aiming to launch a new performance measure in Fall 2023

Learning: Developing a shared body of knowledge on primary payor coverage for CGMs and SGLT2i’s and GLP-1 RAs/GIPs as well as operationalizing evidence-based carbohydrate reduction in diabetes education, with opportunities to learn from each other and generate best practices to optimize both the patient and the care team’s experience in prescribing.

Population health insights: Improving the power of our Patient Data Dashboard to meet the population health needs of our members, including the addition of all payer clinical data as well as Michigan Medicaid and Medicare claims data. Usability enhancements that make it faster and easier to create custom patient identification reports and view useful comparison statistics across providers and practices.

  • Health Equity: Optimizing the use of our data to evaluate and improve health equity in type 2 diabetes care across our 330+ practices

Advocacy and collaboration: Partnering to improve the availability and affordability of GLP-1 RAs/GIPs, SGLT2 i’s, and continuous glucose monitors across the state of Michigan.

Convening members in spring and fall regional meetings and at our annual collaborative wide meeting. Fostering connections within our network of primary care, nephrology, and endocrinology practices.

Learning Events: In 2023, we will host monthly learning sessions on topics generated and led by MCT2D members, with opportunities to share best practices, ask questions, and connect to specialists and experts throughout the MCT2D network. Topics include:

  • Management of Chronic Kidney Disease: A New Era of Therapeutics
  • Metabolic Surgery for Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Billing Codes for Care Management, Medical Nutrition Therapy, and Non Face-to-Face Care
  • Cardiology and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Navigating CGMs
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