Prescribing the BCBSM Patient Empowerment Toolkit Workflow


Updated: 05/06/24

BCBSM offers a type 2 diabetes patient monitoring device toolkit to support healthy behavior modification, referred to as the Patient Empowerment Toolkit (PET).
This device toolkit consists of:
1) An Abbott Libre continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with six sensors
2) A digital wireless blood pressure monitor (up to 42in armband)
3) A wireless enabled weight scale (max weight: 420lbs)
This benefit is available for Commercial PPO patients who are eligible for the provider delivered care management (PDCM) benefit at no patient copay, regardless of if a patient has BCBSM pharmacy coverage or not. This does not include patients with Medicare Advantage or patients with out-of-state Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage.
This workflow will guide you through the exact steps to prescribe the Patient Empowerment Toolkit to your patients.
You can access the Fax form HERE.
You can access the J&B portal HERE.

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