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"This tool has been helpful to have a place where all of the financial assistance resources are gathered in one place.  It's easy to grab this and know household income limits and other qualifiers.  It has been a great tool"
"This tool made it easy to request Patient Assistance for expensive medications.  Also information about income requirements helped inform us which Patient Assistance Program patient qualified for. Patient was approved right away, and received her medication within one week.  She was very pleased with this outcome."

Type 2 Diabetes Care: Medication Financial Assistance Programs


Updated: 05/06/24

Your patient may qualify for free diabetes medication, as part of each drug manufacturer’s patient assistance program (PAP). This guide is intended for use by patients and their healthcare providers and covers manufacturer PAPs like BI Cares for Jardiance, Lilly Cares for Trulicity, and Novocare for Ozempic, Rybesus, and Victoza.
Patients: If you are uninsured or have Medicare Part D prescription drug benefits and you cannot afford your medication, you may qualify.
The guide to 2024 Patient Assistance Programs has a new look and feel, with expanded information for each program. Pages are organized by drug/manufacturer program. Each program’s page includes relevant information like:
  • Program website, fax, phone, mailing address, and a new QR code that directs to the paper application
  • Eligibility requirements including an integrated income table from the 2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines
  • A list of supplementary documents needed
  • Steps to complete enrollment for both patient and their health care provider (HCP)
  • Key features of the program
What is a Patient Assistance Program? Patient assistance programs (PAPs) help people with no health insurance and those who may be underinsured (including some with Medicare or Medicaid) afford medications. These programs are offered by the medication or device manufacturers, or sometimes by nonprofits or other government agencies. PAPs may cover the full cost of medications or provide a discount. Most PAPs covered in this guide are manufacturer programs that offer free medication, sent to your doctor’s office or home, for one calendar year.

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