Patient Advisory Board Recruitment Handout (Provider)


Updated: 10/16/23

MCT2D formed the Patient Advisory Board to put patient voices front and center in this important work. Members of the patient advisory board support our collaborative and providers by guiding the development of new projects, reviewing patient facing materials, brainstorming ideas for new tools and resources, providing stories and context to regional and collaborative wide meetings, and by generally ensuring that the collaborative continues to serve the best interest of patients. 
We are committed to building a diverse group of patients and caregivers from historically marginalized communities, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, those who are medically-underserved, and/or who have faced challenges in the health care system are strongly welcomed. We are committed to providing accommodations for sensory disabilities and non-native English speakers. 
MCT2D understands that everyone’s time is valuable and compensates advisors $25 an hour for meeting attendance. Qualities of a Patient or Caregiver Advisor 
  • Has personal experience with type 2 diabetes as a patient or family member
  • Is willing to share insights from their experience or perspective
  • Can speak and function as part of a team within a safe group environment
  • Respects a diversity of backgrounds 
  • Feels comfortable using a computer with internet access and Zoom and/or is open to support from us on calling into a conference call
  • Uses email to receive documents, send messages, and confirm attendance and receipt of information
If you have a patient or caregiver that would be a good fit for the MCT2D Patient Advisory Board (, please give them the MCT2D patient handout.
Questions? Please contact MCT2D at

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