For Nephrologists: Novel Medications for Diabetic Kidney Disease Resource Book

Updated: 10/16/23

A collection of resources developed by experts at MCT2D and Michigan Kidney Improvement Collaborative (MKIC) for use by nephrologists in Michigan. Included in the book:
  • GLP-1 RA Dosing Information including renal dosing guidelines.
  • GLP-1 and SGLT2 i precautions—including GI, AKI, pancreatitis, genital mycotic infections, etc.
  • Medication coverage reference guide for major public and private plans in Michigan
  • Patient Assistance Program reference guide for patients who are eligible under Medicare Part D
  • Copay coupon programs from drug manufacturers, for patients with commercial insurance

Tags: For Providers, Point-of-care, Created By MCT2D, Nephrology

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