MCT2D Coverage Checker 1.0


Updated: 05/24/24

Coverage Checker aims to provide clear and actionable information to help you more efficiently prescribe guideline-directed diabetes medications. Here is what it offers: 1. Coverage information, all in one place. Eligibility criteria, drug formularies and medical policies, preferred devices, preferred DME vendors, prior authorization info, and more. 2. A+ documentation every time. Copy and paste our auto-generated EMR dotphrases into your notes. 3. Keep your team up-to-date with sharing and saving features. Bookmark specific coverage searches, send search results to a colleague, and subscribe to updates as the plans change. This new tool was built by and for the MCT2D community. It was co-developed by the MCT2D design and informatics team and a committee of members with expertise in coverage, prior authorization, DME, and Getting Things Done!
Launched May 23, 2024.

What can you do with Coverage Checker?

Access detailed CGM coverage information for the following plans:
  • Aetna Commercial
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Commercial
  • HAP
  • United Commercial

Coming Soon

  • Summer 2024: Adding additional plan information for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and other commercial plans for CGM.
  • Fall/Winter 2024: Addition of GLP-1 RA and SGLT2i coverage searches. For now, please continue to use the print medication coverage guide.
Share feedback on the MCT2D Coverage Checker. Completing the survey fills your primary care physician-level VBR for the year.
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