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Updated: 07/02/24

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June 28, 2024 12:00 PM
A panel of MCT2D members across the state shared insights on practice- and PO-level quality improvement progress in prescribing SGLT2i and GLP-1 RA for type 2 diabetes.
Panelists included:
Rebecca Vermaat, AAS, CMA (AAMA), Performance Improvement Specialist, Answer Health
Kim Miazek, RN, Registered Nurse Supervisor, Henry Ford Health System 
Nadia Aneese, PharmD, Robert Vartabedian, MD, Livingston Physician Organization 
Lindsey Klynstra, RN, Manager, Value-Based Care Operations, Huron Valley Physician Association
Our panelists responded to a variety of questions, including:
  1. Explain the goal your PO had around medications, the process changes you made, and if they have been successful.
  2. What worked well for you in trying to make these changes?
  3. What was harder than expected?
  4. There can be competing thoughts on how things should be addressed and accomplished. What barriers of opinion did you face? How did you achieve consensus/buy-in?
  5. What is your biggest takeaway from the process?
  6. What changes is your practice planning to implement next?
  7. What is needed from a policy perspective to reduce “friction” & make it easier for your practice to operationalize guideline directed medication prescribing?
  8. What one thing would you like MCT2D to do to help you achieve your goals with regard to guideline directed medication prescribing for patients with T2D?

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