Learning Community: Basics of Team-Based Care Billing and Coding

Updated: 10/06/23

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Presented March 3, 2023
In this joint presentation, Ashley Schwartz, LMSW, of the Michigan Institute for Care Management and Transformation, shares the foundations of team-based care billing, focusing on reimbursement for care management services for BCBSM and Priority Health. Ashley will walk viewers through examples of applying care management billing codes to clinical practice, point out opportunities to optimizing documentation and billing, and ground the discussion in building sustainability into team-based care. Ms. Schwartz's talk is modeled after MICMT's Foundational Care Management Codes & Billing Opportunities online course.
In the second half of the discussion, Lauren Oshman, MD, MPH, will share the codes you need to know for non-face-to-face type 2 diabetes care, with in-depth case examples, documentation requirements, and RVU in context.
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