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"I hope the short videos on low-carb diets will reinforce the discussions that I have with my patients in the office and empower the patients to initiate change.  I envision this as an introduction to ongoing learning about managing their diabetes and accessing the resources on the MCT2D website."
Dr. Brad Sabin, MD, primary care physician
Troy, MI

Intro to a Low Carb Lifestyle Video: Part 1 - The Basics

Updated: 12/08/23

A brief 10-minute video explaining the basics of low carb lifestyle for type 2 diabetes, by Rina Hisamatsu, MCT2D registered dietitian. Learn the building blocks of low carb, including:
  • What is a carb and what does it do to my body?
  • Understanding protein, fiber, starches, and more - decoding a nutritional label
  • High vs low-carb foods
  • Building a meal with your new knowledge and guidance from Rina
This is Part I of a 3-part series.
Content adapted from the Low Carb Journey, a program led by Dr. Joyce Lee, pediatric endocrinologist, Michigan Medicine, Dr. Dina Griauzde, internal medicine physician and obesity medicine specialist, Michigan Medicine, and Rina Hisamatsu, RDN, MPH, Michigan Medicine.
Special thanks to MCT2D member Dr. Bradley Sabin, internal medicine physician, for the resource request.

Tags: For Patients, Video

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