Bajo en carbohidratos para principiantes - Low Carbs for Beginners Brochure in Spanish


Updated: 11/17/23

Available from, developed by a bilingual team, including Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, with medical editing by Dr. María Eugenia Lima, and Dr. Bret Scher. This 8.5” x 11” printable brochure explains the fundamentals of a low carb diet, how lower carbohydrate eating patterns can positively impact insulin and blood sugar spikes, lists of lower carb and higher fat foods to try and processed, higher carb foods to avoid, and recommendations to consult with a doctor when trying a low carb diet if one has type 2 diabetes.
Please note: There is a small section that endorses the company and asks readers to join as a paid member. This brochure was not created by MCT2D but may be a helpful tool for your Spanish-speaking team and patients.

Tags: Handout

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