Amy Kuehls, Administrative and Project Coordinator

Administrative and Project Coordinator

Amy joined the MCT2D team in March 2024. As AC/PC, Amy supports event planning for MCT2D regional and collaborative-wide in-person meetings and provides leadership and support on cross-functional projects with the design, informatics, data, and operation teams.
Amy is a Michigan native. She has always been a person who is interested in and passionate about helping, learning, and improving. She started her career in healthcare in Michigan, as a Home Health Aide in 2008 before taking on her first hospital role in Fort Myers, FL, where she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant-Advanced on a Comprehensive Progressive Care Unit.
Between then and now Amy has held many positions within Michigan Medicine; including MRI, Saline Health Center, Trauma Burn ICU/COVID ICU, and Mott’s Coach Carr unit. In 2022, Amy ventured out in search of a new adventure and found one as the Employee Experience Coordinator for Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, where she was the go-to for all things employee recognition, provided support in shaping and executing employee events, as well as providing support to high level executives on a global scale. She is excited to be back at Michigan and looks forward to bringing these new experiences with her in her new role with MCT2D.
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