PO Monthly Digest (Sept 2023)

PO MONTHLY DIGEST: September 2023

PO Information:

  • VBR metrics will be available on the administrative portal for primary care practices beginning on 9/1. Review the VBR metrics table to make sure that everything looks correct. Activities completed from June 1, 2023- September 1, 2023 will be reflected in the table. We suggest sharing these with practice clinical champions to confirm that nothing has been missed.
  • Remind primary care physicians who are earning VBR that the VBR year has restarted and that they will need to complete a learning community event by 6/1/2024. Share out the MCT2D page that shows how they can meet these requirements, linked here.
  • Review the PO scorecard, which is also now available in your administrative portal.
  • PO monthly calls are taking place on Wednesday, September 13th at 2pm or Monday, September 18th at 11am. As usual, please plan to attend one of the two offerings.
  • Plan to convene your first meeting of clinical champions based on the VBR requirements - we are asking that you meet with your clinical champions to discuss the QI focus and make plans for practice level changes.
  • Please remember to complete the survey on the PO Level Reports if you have not already done so. We will be using this feedback to make edits to the next edition that we share with you in October.
  • Stay tuned! The new MCT2D website will launch soon! If you have trouble locating any information, tools, or other resources, please reach out to our team.

Information to share with your participating sites:

  • Remind clinical champions to register for the regional meetings. You will be able to view who has already registered in the administrative portal. Ensure that all of your clinical champions or substitute attendees are registered by the end of the month to meet the scorecard requirement.
  • Ask clinical champions and participating physicians to share stories where they have struggled with patient motivation by emailing them to raujack@med.umich.edu. Dr. Gabison will respond to these cases with strategies of how to address patient motivation in the specific circumstances described in each case.
  • Remind clinical champions of the Monday, September 25th learning community event on patient motivation. Link to register is here.
  • Let your practices know that the expanded CGM user experience program is wrapping up its first batch of orders on September 12th. We will continue to batch orders, but wanted to let everyone know in case they want to receive their CGM sooner. As a reminder, this is now open to all physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. The interest surveys is linked here.
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