Prior Authorization Panel Discussion - a Learning Community Live Webinar


Monday, July 18, 2022

4:00 PM — 1:00 PM

MCT2D is excited to announce the prior authorization panel that we will be hosting on Monday, July 18th from 12pm-1pm. This is in response to numerous requests and questions received from practices as part of the regional meeting feedback. We are thrilled to have the following panelists representing our POs and practices in this important discussion:
  • Tiffini Jones, RN, BSN, CDCES - GMP Network
  • Renea Clark, Practice Coordinator/Quality Support Specialist - LPO, LLC
  • Heather Keifer, MS, RD, CDCES- Holland
  • Connie McDonald, RN, CCP, Care Manager from- St. Mary’s PHO
  • Bobby Dabicci, PharmD- Lakeland
  • Laura Aquinto, Office Administrator- HVPA
  • Theresa Gallagher, RN, BSN, Care Manager- Great Lakes PO
Here is the link to register for the meeting. Upon registration, you can submit questions that you have about prior authorization and there will also be time to ask questions live during the meeting. We will begin by having each office describe their current prior authorization processes and then respond to questions.
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