Primary Care Practice Cohort 2 Year 1 Requirements

Value based reimbursement for primary care physicians recruited in 2022 will begin on September 1, 2022. Primary care physicians who participate in MCT2D and meet the below requirements will receive 5% VBR. Considering the start date of the VBR, the payments will be prospective, as VBR recipients will be completing these requirements following the initial payments. Unless there is a specific deadline listed, the activities will need to be completed prior to 7/15/2023. All items must be completed to continue earning VBR.
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Practice-Level Requirements

  1. Submit name of clinical champion and practice liaison (Due 8/15)
  2. Complete Practice Change Readiness Assessment (due 10/1/2022, approximately 20-minute time commitment)
  3. Respond to requests from the coordinating center and your physician organization related to MCT2D related work in a timely way (either 3 days or as specified)
  4. Present on your site’s implementation of the quality improvement initiatives at a collaborative meeting, regional meeting, or conference call, if requested
  5. Distribute patient reported outcomes survey flyers and encourage patient participation.
  6. 1 case summary per practice on each of the three initiatives
  7. Work with your physician organization to maintain a log of practice interventions and changes related to implementation of the quality initiatives
  8. Learn about coverage for your primary payor via MCT2D developed videos and materials and take a short post-test to confirm understanding.

Clinical Champion Requirements

  1. Attend and complete all MCT2D training sessions (virtual, six one-hour on demand sessions with CME) by December 31st, 2022.
  2. Attend Spring 2023 regional meeting (in person)

Physician-Level Requirements

Participate in one learning community activity for each of the two engagement levels.
Level 1: Each physician must complete one
Level 2: Each PO/Each Practice must complete one
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