Why Join MCT2D?

What do we do?

We collaborate with healthcare providers to accelerate the utilization of evidence-based treatments that could prevent and reverse Type 2 Diabetes. See our interactive 2022 Annual Report

Who are our members?

346 primary care, nephrology, and endocrinology practices, 1000+ physician members, 28 physician organizations.
Each practice unit elects at least one clinical champion to represent the practice in specialized trainings, committees, regional, and collaborative-wide gatherings. Here’s a breakdown of the 2022-2023 MCT2D Clinical Champions, by profession.

What our members are saying


How to Join

Spring 2022 PO Recruitment session recording
  1. Fill out the PO Application. This is a very short form that indicates your intention to participate in the program, and primarily gathers contact information for future follow up.
  2. Participate in a one-on-one call with the MCT2D coordinating center. During this time, we will ask you about your PO and learn where you are with your current approach to type 2 diabetes care, and also have plenty of time to answer any questions that you may have.
  3. Determine your participating primary care practices. All participating practices for year one of your participation will be due on July 15th so that BCBSM can process their value based reimbursement to begin on 9/1/2022.
    1. MCT2D will share practice eligibility with POs by May 2nd at the latest.
    2. Each year you will have an opportunity to add additional practices.
    3. BCBSM requires that at least 25% of your T2D population is represented by the participating practices. Details about this will be shared with your practice eligibility.
  4. Sign the MCT2D participation agreement.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Care Network of Michigan

Support for the Michigan Collaborative on Type 2 Diabetes is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network as part of the BCBSM Value Partnerships program. BCBSM’s Value Partnerships program provides clinical and executive support for all CQI programs. To learn more about Value Partnerships, visit www.valuepartnerships.com. Although Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and the Michigan Collaborative on Type 2 Diabetes work in partnership, the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints expressed by MCT2D do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs, and viewpoints of BCBSM or any of its employees.