Mik Zolikoff

Clinical Informatics Strategist

Mik is the Clinical Informatics Strategist for the Michigan Collaborative for Type 2 Diabetes, which consists of turning statewide electronic health data streams into actionable information, with target audiences of clinicians, hospitals and health systems, and diverse patient communities across the state of Michigan. He will lead a team of designers and communicators and collaborate closely with the data analytics team to develop web and informatics products that lead to better health outcomes, improved patient experience, and more efficient and effective health care across the state. Before joining MCT2D, Mik was a Product Manager for Lyft Transit, Bikes, and Scooters, where he managed a 9 million record mobile and desktop app that efficiently and cost-effectively enabled 300 field staff to maintain 4,000 bike stations across 8 markets and 4 time zones. Prior to Lyft, Mik worked as an Information Technology and Operations Consultant for Kennedy Care, was the Director of Graduate Programs for the University of Michigan’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and was the Southwest Regional Director of Advancement for the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Prior to that, Mik spent 15 years in the tech industry as a director of operations and IT and as a co-founder of three Michigan-based startups. He also spent three years working in state and national politics as an operative and campaign manager. Mik has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in public policy, both from the University of Michigan.
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